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KAPODASTER ROLLING CAPO GLIDER. Revolucija na področju kitarskih kapodastrov!


The Glider Rolling Capo is the super-fast, always in tune guitar capo that's gentle on frets and finishes.

    Roll It With Your Thumb
    For uninterrupted playing and seamless key changes, simply push or pull The Glider from fret to fret with your thumb on the back roller.

    Roll It With Your Pick Hand
    With your hand, just simply pull it down or push it up the neck to the desired fret. The Glider rolls smoothly and the guitar stays in tune!

    Easy On - Easy Off
    The Glider opens easily to install on your guitar neck.

    Store It Over The Nut
    When you're not using The Glider, simply store it by rolling it up over the nut. When you need it again, roll it back out.

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