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TAURUS T-Di Plus Mk2 Bass preamp & Di-Box + compressor

TAURUS T-Di Plus Mk2 Bass preamp & Di-Box + compressor

  • Šifra: T-Di-Plus-Mk2
  • 250.00€

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Bass preamp & Di-Box + compressor

An ideal, “must have” tool for a bassist at work. The preamp with MLO tone correction plus compressor is designed to fulfill all studio and stage needs of bass players. 
This is a stomp box containing the most important tools to create perfect bass sound. Very flexible EQ section plus the compressor are providing a wide range of sound characters and dynamic adjustments. From extremely dynamic and saturated to highly compressed , as well as the VINTAGE type with its soft tube-overdriven character.

The Bass engine can be connected and used in different ways:

  • As an additional sound module connected to the input of the amplifier
  • As a preamp connected simultaneously to the amplifier and the mixer via the line-out jack / XLR
  • Connected straight to the mixer as a main source of sound  without necessity to use a bass amp on stage



Tehnični podatki LEVEL volume level knob CHRACTER “Mix knob” between “Vintage” & “Modern”sound GAIN-COMP input gain control with compression adjustment BASS low frequency level control with MLO system Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency CUT/OFF/BOOST Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequency[DBS-cut/OFF/DBS-boost] Triple BASS-switch to reduce or boost low frequencyCUT/OFF/BOOST TREBLE high frequency level control with MLO system Triple TREBLE-switch to reduce or boost high frequency CUT/OFF/PRESENCE PUNCH midrange effectiveness switch FOOTSWITCH MODE true bypass/mute footswitch mode selector MLO EQ - TECH INFO: BASS: 40Hz +/-8dB @450Hz -/+4dB BASS Boost/Cut: 60Hz +/-6dB TREBLE: 4,5kHz +15dB / 6kHz -15dB TREBLE Boost/Cut: 7kHz +/-6dB PUNCH: 300Hz +7dB POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 9-12V: any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used DC ASSISTANT - protects from loss of signal. Effect switches automatically to the "bypass mode" in case of disconnection or low voltage of DC supply. DC CONVERTER: Built-in voltage converter which increases voltage of effect's power supply to 24V. It guarantees very high sound's dynamic (headroom) and eliminates any problems related to active electronics installed in the guitar. Subsonic filter: built-in filter which cuts-off very low frequencies which have an adverse impact on the proper work of the speakers. Thanks to the filter, the unwanted frequencies and the accompanied components of the DC voltage are eliminated from the sound. Both components interfere with proper speaker operation by entering uncontrolled membrane fluttering when the low frequencies are applied. Dimensions: (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm Weight: 0,5kg